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The Daisy Boys Club
A Memoir
by Tommy Palmer

'We can work and play together,' he stated firmly. 'But if we do this, you have to remember one thing: The Daisy Boys Club will always put more back into Daisy than we take out.' He stood there for a few moments. Then he turned to leave the room. Just as he reached the living room door, he turned around and asked, 'Are you interested, fellas?'

It didn't take long for the group of young men gathered that night at the first meeting of the Daisy Boys Club to reach a decision. It was unanimous. If Mr. Fitzgerald would point us in the right direction, we would be willing to do anything he asked us to do.

In the 1950s, Tommy Palmer eagerly joined the Daisy Boys Club, as did many of the other boys in the small town of Daisy, Georgia. Palmer and the other boys enjoyed club events such as playing baseball and going fishing, but more importantly, the Daisy Boys Club taught them a sense of community and responsibility.

Join Palmer as he recounts a simpler time and place where faith, family, and friends are the most important things in The Daisy Boys Club.

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